Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Korgi, by Christian Slade.  Top Shelf Productions (2007), 88 pages.

I read this seven months ago and have not stopped thinking about it since. It is the first and only graphic novel I’ve ever purchased, and though I’ve never had much interest in the genre, I now find myself wondering if there are other Korgi-like gems awaiting discovery. If so, I need to find them.

Korgi is completely wordless. Nonetheless, the story is engrossing. It has some creepy/frightening moments, other moments of pure joy, and a really humorous ending.

I have not looked at corgis the same way since encountering this book. How could I? In this book they occupy their own secret world, inhabited by dozens of industrious, smiley corgis who pull handmade wooden carts, collect berries in little baskets, and possess magic. The illustrations are incredible; the author has perfectly captured the essence of the breed.


Reviewed by Donna Long