Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Korgi: Book 2, by Christian Slade.  Top Shelf Productions (2008), 94 pages.

There’s another Korgi book! And it’s even better than the first!

There is so much going on here (more than in Book 1), and the story is riveting. It’s quite different from Book 1—this one has new science fiction-ish elements (though really not entirely new, because clues to the events in this book were actually subtly hiding in the first book all along; I just didn’t pick up on them).

I’m so impressed with the many ways in which the author ties the two books together. Halfway through the first book, for example, a character loses an eyeball, and on the last page he is seen chasing after it. This character does not appear at all in Book 2 until the final page, where we see him fishing the eyeball out of the water with a stick, while in the background something is happening that undoubtedly will be carried forward in Book 3. (Unfortunately, Top Shelf Productions hasn’t announced a firm date for Book 3; my searches for a definitive publication date have yielded only a vague “planned for 2010.”)

Korgi: Book 2 is surprising, terrifying, clever, and charming all at the same time. I love corgis more than ever before.

Reviewed by Donna Long